Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

It can be a tough time moving schools , that is why Ive decided to write a post about it...

We are all getting close to starting a new school it is maybe your first or second school, or you might be moving up to college or university . But no matter which one you are going to, it's a new beginning. I am going to a secondary school which none of the people in my school are going to but, during summer school I am confident I will make new friends.

If you are worried about making friends, just walk up to a bunch of kids and say : Hi my name is *insert name*, can i hang out with you today ? If they say yes then congrats you've made new friends, if they say no then they obviously aren't nice people and they aren't worth your time.

Remember to smile at everyone because then you will look approachable and friendly, (I am sure you are approachable and friendly any way, but just in case )

                                   I hope my tips work and good luck in your school!

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